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Fall Subway Art & My Etsy

Pretty sad, start a blog & have nothing to write… with only 3 followers & the fact that I have not been here since February…I am quite certain the world will go on without me. Just in case I might be deleted for inactivity, I’m sharing my Fall Subway Art. I love Fall, the chill in the air, the farm market, the apple orchard, warm sweaters… I could go on & on.

I have a large poster size download for sale in my Etsy shop. Speaking of Etsy shops…if you have one you should consider paying the fee to promote your shop through a search ad. Honestly, I wasn’t selling much. In September I hit the “promote” button. Etsy gives you the option of starting with $7. per week, which can be edited or stopped at anytime. You can up it to $14 or $28, maybe even any amount you want. I decided, what would it hurt, if nothing happens I can stop. But to my surprise, I started getting a lot more activity …SALES & favorites! Yeah! It works through the tags that you put on your product. You can promote everything in your shop, or just the items you choose. So when a shopper searches Halloween, for instance …..my Halloween items were displayed sooner & more than once. Pretty cool indeed. I’m able to pay for the ad with a nice profit. Plus I even got an offer from a company that wants to develop one of my products!!!

I love making my art in photoshop…dearly love it. I am soooo fortunate to be able to pursue it. However I do feel like an island as as artist….I know I need to step out more & not be so afraid of rejection. :) If you are like me, afraid…. try taking a chance :) Happy, beautiful, colorful Fall !

For Beyondlayers photography class ….My comp, capturing some sunlit & shadowy moments.

For Beyondlayers photography class ….My comp, capturing some sunlit & shadowy moments.

"I’m going to make everything around me beautiful- That will be my life."

Elsie de Wolfe